Our Services

Brass Tacks is a full-service consultancy firm that anchors our approach to all engagements in equity first. We focus on creating innovation in schools through developing adult SEL and student agency, school leader development and coaching, and developing your school’s capacity for innovation.  In working with organizations, schools, and school system, Brass Tacks employs user-centered approaches which involve us talking to key stakeholders to gather input, building a solution and then collaboratively iterating to success for our clients, all while holding equity at the center.

Social-Emotional Learning

Unlike most teams, we focus on providing school leaders and teachers with the support they need to develop their own SEL skills

Covid-19 Responses

We support both schools and districts in coping with the pandemic's impact, including remote/hybrid/in-person planning, student engagement and assessment.

School Design & Re-Design

We've co-founded, led, or re-designed dozens of schools, in both rural and urban settings, using Improvement Science and Liberatory Design processes.

Improvement Science

Developing schools' capacity to innovate is essential to improving student outcomes. We use Improvement Science, as well as other design processes, to help achieve this goal.

Leadership Coaching

We've coached school leaders all across the country, from rural to urban settings, and in topics ranging from strategic planning to change management to personal SEL skills development.